Spring Season 2018

Tuesdays and Wednesdays  (18:00-22:00)

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the hyttebus starts its round at 17:00, and arrives at Skistua 18:00 (see Getting here for more details). From there, just follow the Studenterhytta-sign and walk the gravel road for approx. 5 minutes and you are here. If you wish to make the trip a mid-stop on a Bymarka skiing or walking trip, it is of course possible.

Payment for dinner is done at the bar in Storepeis. Here, it is also possible to buy snacks, sodas, and other items. If the bar is not open, the volunteers are probably helping Stine in the kitchen.

Stine and volunteers dish up a very nice dinner, which is usually served at around 20:00. If you have any allergies, just let us or Stine know, and we will make you something delicious that you actually can eat! If you want to become a volunteer to help the cabin go around, and gain some perks and cooking skills, please see the hyttevakt page.

The cabin is open to the general public during this time, and you are very welcome to use the fireplace in storepeis, read and chat in cozy lillepeis (where we are currently working on a new fireplace), and fire up the electric sauna (takes approx 20. mins to heat up).

When the time approaches 22:00, Stine and volunteers will start closing up the cabin. At 22:00, the hyttebus departs to take you back into town.

Saturdays and Sundays (Sat 12:00 – Sun. 16:00)

On weekends we keep the cabin running from Saturday to Sunday, and staying overnight is possible. If you are a large group, we ask you to please let us know us in advance either through Facebook Messenger or by email at post@studenterhytta.org . This is so that we can keep track of how many we can expect, and order food and make sure everyone gets bedspaces.

If you are staying overnight at the cabin, please feel free to reserve a bedspace when you arrive. To do this, go upstairs (the stairs are right by the entrance), find available beds there, put your stuff there, remember your bed number, and then write down your name by the corresponding bed number on the signup sheet by the information boards at the entrance.

All payments (dinner, evening meals, staying the night, breakfast, sunday dinner, or just a small snack) is done in the bar in Storepeis. If the bar is not open, our volunteers are probably helping out in the kitchen. Feel free to drop by the kitchen, and Stine with his volunteers will help you out. If you want to become a volunteer to help the cabin go around, and gain some perks and cooking skills, please see the hyttevakt page.

On Saturday, our chef Stine serves the traditional pancake dinner with pea soup at 16:00. If you have any allergies, don’t hesitate to contact us beforehand, or just talk to Stine in the kitchen, and we will find a solution. A cold evening meal (usually bread with pålegg, and soup on the side) is served around 21 or 22, but can be served earlier or later upon request. Just ask the volunteers. Breakfast on Sunday is usually served at 09, and Sunday dinner is  served at 14:00 and is usually pretty fancy if we dare say so ourselves.

During the weekend, you are very welcome to use the fireplace in storepeis, use all of the common areas, and either the electrical or/and the wood fired sauna. Because the current hot tub solution requires a lot of maintenance in order to follow health regulations, we only fire it on every other opening week until we have a better solution.

If you are a large group of people visiting the cabin one weekend, with a strong desire to use the hot tub, a dugnad is certainly possible to get the hot tub going. Just talk to the volunteers, and they will find someone who can tell you what you need to do in order to get the hot tub running. Note: We might not always be able to fire the hot tub, as it requires alot of firewood and water, which is quite costly. Ask nicely! 🙂