Volunteering at Studenterhytta

Want to be a part of the cabin? There are many ways to help out, depending on how much you want to participate. In return for your help, we can provide free food when helping to run the cabin, some more perks such as using the cabin outside openings hours (for the cabin group and cabin board), and maybe you’ll make some new friends as well?

If you have any questions, feel very free to ask us on Facebook, or via email by post@studenterhytta.org

Anyway, here’s the ways you can help out, with further descriptions below:

  • Hyttevakt (As often as you want, no commitment)
  • Cabin group member (1 weekday opening, 1 weekend opening, 1 party per month)
  • Cabin board member (1 day of work per week)


Hyttevakt is when you would like to help out once, twice, or more often if you’d like. It’s a nice way to get to know the cabin without having to commit that much time. So if you are interested in the cabin group or cabin board, which are more time consuming commitments, it might be worth trying out a hyttevakt or two.

Hyttevakt helps the chef and the cabin group run the cabin during normal opening days. This might be work such as helping the chef serve food from the kitchen, fill firewood in the fireplaces, clean saunas, and cleaning the cabin. In return, you get that stay for free. You have to expect some hours of work during a hyttevakt, but there should also be plenty of time to just hang out in the cabin, or go for a trip on the weekends.

To be hyttevakt, look for our monthly signupsheets on this Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/725116924291075/ , and we will send you more information before heading up.

Cabin group member

On every opening day, there is a cabin group member at the cabin to show hyttevakter what to do, and is in general given more responsibilities (opening/closing the cabin, doing tallies of inventory, etc). This responsibility comes with the assumption that you can help out a bit more with running the cabins. We aim for 2 weekday openings, 1 weekend openings, and 1 party per month, but we are aware that people’s schedule over the semester changes, and so it is not a big deal if one is not able to do so every month.

The party mentioned above is a bit different than normal openings. We rent out the cabin to student parties throughout the semester, and during those parties we need to have two cabin group members on-site to make sure everything goes okay. Parties usually last one night only, but are a bit more work depending on the guests.

In return for this extra responsibility, you get to stay here for free at any other opening day, and you can also use the cabin outside normal opening hours if you wish.

To be a part of the cabin group, we have a recruitment period at the beginning of each semester (“opptak”). We are currently recruiting for the fall semester! See https://www.studenterhytta.org/opptak/

Cabin board member

The cabin board is a legally mandated board registered in Brønnøysundregisteret which is responsible for making sure that the cabin runs smoothly. There are many specialized roles within the board, including leader, second-in-command, maintenance responsible, economics responsible, treasurer,  booking responsible, and secretary.

As a board member, you generally do work inside your designated role, and then the board meets on a weekly basis to discuss matters that affect the entire cabin. The board also steps in and helps the cabin group if it is needed.

Cabin board members also get to stay for free at the cabin at any time, and also have access outside opening days.

To be a part of the cabin board, we have a recruitment period at the beginning of each semester (“opptak”). We are currently recruiting for the fall semester! See https://www.studenterhytta.org/opptak/