Studenterhytta is searching for new members for the cabin board and cabin group!
Application deadline: October 1st, 23:59. Everyone who applies will be called in for an interview.

Do you have any questions about any of the positions before you apply? Feel free to contact us on Facebook Messenger, or via email at post@studenterhytta.org


Send your application to opptak@studenterhytta.org, with the following contents:

  • Name
  • Phone nr.
  • What you study, and what year
  • Which positions you want to apply for (see descriptions below)
  • And tell us a little about yourself!

Applications and other information that is collected through opptak will be deleted at the end of opptak.

Available positions in the cabin group

The cabin group are the ones who help with the actual running of the cabin, and helping out with events at the cabin. As a member of the cabin group you will, together with other cabin group members, be responsible to run the cabin 3-5 opening days a month. You will be responsible for training hyttevakter who volunteer to help out on specific opening days, and you’ll be the one guests will correspond with while staying at the cabin.

In return you get to use the cabin for free, including outside of opening hours. You also get to read here for free during the exam reading, which normally costs 200kr per day for a reading space and 4 meals a day.


Available positions in the cabin board

NB! Most board positions requires that you are somewhat sufficient in Norwegian, as alot of external correspondence to an extent has to be done in Norwegian.

The cabin board are the ones that are responsible for that the cabin runs smoothly, and makes sure that the cabin group gets the training and support they need. The board consists of specialized roles, which individually has responsibility for their aspect of the cabin. Together they meet weekly to discuss matters regarding the cabin. The board also helps the cabin group on opening days if needed.

You will get alot of governance when it comes to your board position aspect, and you can also count on help from the rest of the board if needed. Previous experience in boards or similar is not a requirement.

As a boardmember, you get to stay at the cabin for free (food and sleepover). You can also use the cabin outside of opening hours.

The Studenterhytta board is currently looking for:

  • Economics responsible
  • Booking responsible
  • Volunteer responsible
  • PR / marketing

Economics responsible

Economics responsible takes economic decisions for the cabin. The job is to make sure that the cabin stays within budget, and works together with the treasurer to keep track of the cabin’s economy. It is really relevant work experience for those who wish to run a small business’ economy.

Booking responsible

Communicates with event holders from student organizations++ about holding private rental events at the cabin. This includes informing about pricing, contract details, and negotiate the formalities surrounding a rental agreement, and then communicating those details to the rest of hytta.

Volunteer responsible

Has the responsibility for the recruitment of hyttevakter, and helps out with opptak.


PR is responsible for posting information, events, and other posts to instagram and facebook, and reply to guests via facebook.