Welcome as a volunteer at


Everyday there will be a responsible board member from Studenterhytta present at the cabin, which will have the overall responsibility for what you will be doing. This person will be your go-to person at the cabin and will delegate different tasks to you. Even so, here is a brief overview of a typical opening day at Studenterhytta.


A volunteer’s responsibilities on Tuesdays and Wednesday:

Transportation to Studenterhytta is free for hyttevakter on regular opening days. For Tuesdays and Wednesdays, just show your volunteer confirmation to the hyttebus driver. The dedicated hyttebus leaves from Moholt at 17.15 and from Hovedbygget at NTNU Gløshaugen at 17.30 (see “Getting here” section for more detailed stops). Dinner is served at 20.00, whereby your responsibilities will be to assist the cook. This work includes setting the table so it is ready when the guests arrive. When dinner is served your tasks will be; making sure there is enough food present in the dining room and wash the dishes when people are done eating. You should start washing dishes during the dinner as this can take some time. The workload depends on the day and the amount of guests present; though we are usually done for the day around 21.30 and the bus for Trondheim leaves again at 22.00.


A volunteer’s responsibilities during the weekend:


Transportation is again free for volunteers during regular opening days. During weekends, one uses the ordinary AtB busses. We have prepared bus cards for volunteers. Ask the volunteer responsible or the cabin leader for where to pick it up. The volunteers should arrive at Studenterhytta before 13.00 and are, of course, welcome even earlier. The first chore of the day will be to set the table for dinner, which is served at 15.30. Usually it is sufficient to help the cooks, both in the kitchen and with setting the tables, from about 13.30. When dinner is served your tasks will include; making sure there is enough food present in the dining room and wash the dishes when people are done eating. In the evening, around 20.00, a small evening-meal is served, which you will help to prepare and clean up when people are finished eating. After this, normally, the rest of the evening is yours to spend as you please.



Breakfast is usually served at 09.00. This meal follows the same pattern as the others and you should, at least, put aside 40 minutes to prepare – which means you have to be up and good to go at around 08.20. Sunday dinner is served at 15.00 and you will need to assist the cook from about 14.00 – as with the other meals, this entails setting the table on beforehand and washing the dishes when the dinner is over. Seeing as this is the last day of the weekend, after Sunday dinner you will help to clean the kitchen – leaving it spotless for next week. Usually we are ready to go home around 16.00 or, at least, before the last bus from Bymarka leaves for Trondheim. If you don’t have a bus card and don’t want to walk or bicycle, it is possible to travel together with someone from the cabin board by bus in the morning. The point of departure is bus number 10 from Kongens gate K1 to skistua, more information can be found at the webpage of the bus-company, www.atb.no.


These are your main tasks during the weekend although there are some smaller tasks we need help with as well. These include taking out trash, operating the cardboard baler, removing empty bottles, making sure there is wood for the fireplace, removing forgotten clothes and towels from the dressing room, and more. Usually it is not more 4-5 hours of work each day so there are lot of opportunities for recreation or study. Seeing as we live in Norway, we do on quiet weekends preform some “dugnad” work – which means general chores that help us preserve the cabin. Hopefully you now have some idea of what you will be doing when helping us during the weekends – if not feel free to ask.


You need to bring:

A sleeping bag or bed linen – seeing as you will need to spend the night

A swimming suit if you would like to use our sauna and/or take a swim in the nearby lake


We deeply appreciate your help at Studenterhytta and we hope that every stay with us will be a good one. As a volunteer at Studenterhytta you will eat for free during your working hours and if you work a minimum of two evenings you can spend any night at Studenterhytta for free for the rest of the semester. Usually (not always) we also arrange a party on your behalf as thanks for your help during the year if you have worked 5 days – this usually takes at the end of each semester.