Getting here

Address: Andbjørg Jamesons veg 3

Studenterhytta is located in Bymarka, right by Gråkallen, 25 minutes from the city center by car. Our closest neighbor is Skistua, which is a 5-minute walk from Studenterhytta.

Google Maps, focused on where Studenterhytta is found

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Quick overview

  • Car: Road from “Byåsen butikksenter” up past Skistua. Ca. 20 min.
  • Public transport
    • AtB bus 10: Departs 10 and 14 weekdays, somewhat more often in the weekends.
    • Hyttebussen (the cabin bus): Takes you to the cabin so you can get here when we open Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the semester.
    • Tram to Lian + walk: Many departures the whole day, but requires an hour of walking from Lian.
  • Bike or walk from “Byåsen butikksenter”: Nice trip lasting a couple hours.


There is a main road that leads straight to the cabin from Byåsen/Byåsen butikksenter. This is suitable for driving the whole year (ca. 20 min), but be very careful during winter, as the roads tend to be icy and there are some sharp turns. From Skistua, you use the gravel road to Studenterhytta.

AtB bus 10 to Skistua

Please make sure you check an updated timetable at for route 10

Screenshot of AtB’s route 10. From, April 21st 2017

Hyttebussen/The cabin bus (only Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the semester)

Hyttebussen (lit. cabin bus) is a private bus which lets you get to Studenterhytta when we open, and leave when we close on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Note that the cabin bus does not run during exam reading!


The hyttebuss is free for NTNUI-members, and costs NOK 40,- for round trip for non-members. Note: The bus driver accepts cash only, not cards.

Map and schedule

The cabin bus is usually a white bus for trips, and has a white paper with Studenterhytta’s logo in the front window. It goes from Steinan stud. vill. through Dragvoll, Moholt and Gløshaugen to Bymarka (the forest surrounding Studenterhytta). The bus will stop at all regular bus stops on the red line, mostly like AtB bus number 5. Wave to the driver and he will stop. The bus returning from Studenterhytta will leave Hytta at 22:00, and stop on request by the passengers. It will drive the same red route as explained below.

The times below indicate the earliest time the bus will pass.

1710: Steinan (the place for turning around, outside the blocks)
Dragvoll (past Paviljong C)
1720: Moholt (Jonsvannsveien)
Gløshaugen (Høgskoleringen via Dybdahlsvei)
1730: Departure from Hovedbygget (Hogwart)
Leutenhaven (by Teateret)
2200: Return from Hytta

Tram to Lian + walk or bike

It is also possible to take the tram from Trondheim Sentrum to Bymarka (Lian) and walk to Studenterhytta. This is handy since the tram departs much more often than the bus, so you can often use the tram as a backup plan in case you miss the AtB bus, or will travel at some other time.

There is a road from Lian tram station up past the Lian restaurant. The road eventually turns into a gravel road which takes you through the woods and to the main car road to Studenterhytta, right by Fjellseter. From there you can follow the car road to Skistua, or use a path through the woods to go directly to the cabin. You may also go by bicycle from Lian.

If you go by ski in the season, you can save some time by using the ski tracks. If you follow the signs to Skistua, you can easily get to Studenterhytta by following Andbjørg Jamesons veg.

You should expect to spend around one hour when walking from Lian on foot.

Screenshot of Google Maps, showing the route from Lian to Studenterhytta. Click to open in Google Maps.


The timetable for the tram is available on

Walk or bike from “Byåsen butikksenter”

During summer you can bike up the road from “Byåsen butikksenter”, past the cattle grid and to the end of the road at Skistua. This road can, however, be a bit challenging for some. If you bike at a slow and steady pace, you should be at the cabin after about 1 hour, two hours if you take lengthy breaks and enjoy the scenery. The road up is almost constant uphill at a 5-25 degree incline. Note that we often have ice here earlier than in Trondheim, so be careful!

If it is winter, there are also many skiing paths starting from Byåsen butikksenter that you can use (there are a bit more busses going to there than all the way up to the cabin), and during summer they are great walking paths. Please remember to dress accordingly to the weather, and check the weather before you go. It is not a long trip, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared anyway.