Exam Reading

Tickets: https://studenterhytta.hoopla.no/sales/exams_h18

What is Exam Reading?

During the exam period, we welcome you to escape all the distractions of the city and find some peace at Studenterhytta. Here we can provide you with:

  • Guaranteed space in our reading hall
  • Four meals (breakfast at 08:00, lunch at 12:00, dinner at 16:00, supper at 21:00)
  • Bedspace
  • Sauna about whenever you’d like
  • Hot tub on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (if a couple of you guests are willing to help set it up)
  • Close proximity to Bymarka’s trails, skiing tracks and vantage points, including some of the best views Trondheim can provide


We operate with day tickets. This means that:

  • you pay for a ticket for a specified date
  • tickets must be ordered two days beforehand

This way we can ensure that the cabin doesn’t get too crowded for exam reading, and that we always have food for everyone.

Each full day costs 249,- and covers everything mentioned above, including meals and bedspace. You can purchase tickets at https://studenterhytta.hoopla.no/sales/exams_h18.

We are only able to provide these prices based on that you are willing to do a bit of dugnad – you are expected to help out with the dishes once in a while, fill up firewood, or other similar chores. This will not take much away from your exam reading time, but it makes it much easier for us to arrange exam reading at the cabin.

Packing list

Please bring:

  • Covers for mattress, duvet and pillow, or sleeping bag
  • Clothes
  • Towel, for drying yourself after showering
  • Soap for showering and other personal care (toothbrush, …)
  • Whatever you need for studying
  • Music, video and other big downloads already pre-downloaded on your computer (since we have a limited amount of internet data)

You may also consider bringing:

  • Towel to sit on in sauna, or swimming wear
  • Swimming wear for the hot tub, if you prefer to be clothed
  • Warm socks or indoor shoes
  • Skiing equipment, should there be snow


Feel free to ask us on:

We hope to see you here at the cabin!