Exam Reading

Ticket purchasing and space reservation for spring 2017 is now open!
Just follow these three simple steps in order to gain access to one of the best reading halls Trondheim has to offer:
1. Buy the amount of days you want to spend exam reading at the cabin, the more days you buy for at the same time, the cheaper it gets: https://studenterhytta.hoopla.no/sales/eksamenslesing_var2017

2. Reserve the days you want to be at the cabin through this form:http://doodle.com/poll/hw77358mzwqugynw

3. Come on up! 🙂 Descriptions on how to get here can be found in the Getting Here section if you have never been here before. There will be volunteers in the kitchen and in the reading hall who can show you around when you arrive. You will also receive a wristband which shows that you have checked in for the day 🙂


It is hard to concentrate in a world full of distractions. We at Studenterhytta want you to succeed, so therefore we invite you up the cabin for the traditional exam reading. We offer you a reading space, four meals a day – where two of them are made by our chef David – and a bed to sleep in. The cherry on top is that you are in the middle of Bymarka, so nature is right outside the door when you need it.

We only have 30 places a day, but we will let you know through our facebook page if the cabin is full. To pay for your stay you buy day vouchers, either online or at the cabin. The more days you buy for, the cheaper it will be. Payment is only accepted up front, no exceptions.

The only thing you have to remember is to; buy a voucher, bring sheets/sleeping bag, download everything you need beforehand since we have limited internet at the cabin, school stuff, slippers, towel and bathing clothes for the sauna.

Note (helping out)! The cabin is driven by volunteers and dugnadsånd. For the exam reading, this means that you will be expected to help out once in a while. This can mean getting wood from the wood shed or help out with washing dishes after a meal.

Double note (sauna and hot tub)! The sauna and hot tub can be used as frequently as one wants. The sauna is pretty easy, as we can fire the electrical one with the flip of a switch, or we can show you how to fire the bigger woodfired version. As for the hot tub, a requirement for it to actually be up and running is that people volunteer to help with getting it started. We are planning to get a lower maintenance version in the future, but for the time being we must do it the old fashioned way. This means: cleaning it, filling it with water, and making sure that the oven has wood in it at all times with the pump circulating the water.

If you are 3-5 people at the reading who decide to get it running together, it should not take you more than 2-3 hours of total work to get it running. Heating it takes about 7-8 hours, but one only needs to check that there is enough firewood once every half hour or so. Cabin board members, Dave, and cabin volunteers will of course help out, but we are depending on that if people want to use it, they need to help out as well.

Happy exam reading!