Studenterhyttas approach to dietary restrictions

Anyone who has food allergies or follows a special diet (such vegan, dairy allergy etc.) knows that sticking to your food regimen can sometimes be tricky – especially when you’re dining out. But your dietary restrictions don’t have to keep you stuck at Studenterhytta. 

Each semester we get several questions from students asking us if we serve vegetarian food, or “I am allergic to —”. Weather its Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday – even a closed party or you work as hyttevakt David will care all kinds of dietary restrictions. During all regular openings we expect all kinds of students to come to hytta for delicious food, to relax in calm surroundings and feel the benefits of being a student in Trondheim. Are you a vegetarian or have some of the common allergies* – there will always be options for you on the buffet – some days it will be the main dish.

By offering vegan options we include everyone, people who are not vegan can enjoy the food as a side dish to meat, fish, chicken etc… and thus of us who are vegetarian or vegan will have something to eat. By not offering this as a standard we feel like excluding guests. The most common allergies are also taken care of in our policy, now you do not have to ask “if we serve …” – we do. Studenterhytta is open for all students, and so is the buffet as well. We even try to make it easier for those with dietary restrictions to come visit the cabin.

*Most common allergies: Egg, fish, milk, dairy, nuts, peanuts, shellfish, soya, wheat. Please let us know if your allergy is not represented on this list.