Transportation during weekdays

Hyttebussen (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Hyttebussen (lit. cabin bus) is a private bus from Steinan stud. vill. through Dragvoll, Moholt and Gløshaugen to Bymarka the forrest surrounding Studenterhytta. The bus will stop at all regular bus stops on the red line (mostly like #5). Wave to the driver and he will stop.

The hyttebuss is free for NTNUI-members, and costs NOK 40,- for trip-return for non-members. The bus returning from Studenterhytta will leave Hytta at 22:00, and stop on request by the passengers. It will drive the same red route as explained below.

Map and schedule


1710: Steinan (Snuplassen utenfor blokkene)
Dragvoll (forbi Paviljong C)
1720: Moholt (Jonsvannsveien)
Gløshaugen (Høgskoleringen via Dybdahlsvei)
1730: Departure from Hovedbygget (Hogwart)
Leutenhaven (ved Teateret)
2200: Retur fra Hytta


Press here to see NTNUI Studenterhyttas address.